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Thatís Not Why (I Came to See You)
Pour Me
The Velvet Black
Words Fail
Miss You
Conspicuously Happy
While I Wait For You
Weathering the Storm
Come Cross the Water
A Little Love Song
The Music Under My Feet

Notes and Lyrics

Thatís Not Why (I Came to See You)

© GD Paul 2007, Ivanhoe Road Music (ASCAP)

 My old flame, your sudden reappearance
Has startled me with a powerful stir
You reached out at the moment I was wishing
You and I had found our way in this world

The folks are fine, the kids are good
The jobís alright, well, knock on wood
Itís the same old town, thereís nothing new
But thatís not why I came to see you

From across the miles your words lit a fire
And my heart leapt to meet the flame
Hard to believe I have fallen so completely
And to think that you feel the same

I had to know if this wonderful feeling
Could possibly be as real as it seems
How many years have I carried you with me?
How long have you haunted my dreams?

Pour Me

© GD Paul 2007, Ivanhoe Road Music (ASCAP)

Pour me a glass of blood red wine
The color of need, the taste of desire
Pour it slow, make me wait, but not too long
Pour me a glass of something sinful and strong

Pour me, pour it again
Pour me a river, pour it Ďtil the end
Just pour liquid fire into my soul
Tony, pour it again

Pour me a taste of amber or gold
Something barely legal from old Mexico
With a hint of some flower I never knew
Pour me a little taste of you

Pour me the blessed waters of life
The breath of the angels, honey from the hive
Pour it like you pour for me alone
Pour it like one of the Motherís own

The Velvet Black

© GD Paul 2007, Ivanhoe Road Music (ASCAP)

Looking out across the velvet black
Thereís not a sight to be seen
Except hints and indications
Of a rosy fingered dawn
Looking out across the velvet black
Thereís not a sound to be heard
Except the sigh of the waves
And your sweet breathing

And I turn to you and I say
This is how it always should be
And I turn to you and I say
This is how we should wake up every morning

Looking out across the velvet black
A sudden point of light springs forth
And like golden ink it runs
And flows and everything changes
Looking out now itís living light
And Iím diving deep in the water dreaming
While the sea rolls and starts
To echo your sweet breathing


Like a newborn babe, like a bird first sings
Like a match sparks, like an angel winks
Like a sudden truth, like a saving grace
Like the hand of fate

Words Fail

© Gayla Drake Paul 2007, Ivanhoe Road Music (ASCAP)

Thoughts are churning
It all seemed so simple
When I was dreaming
When we were this close
Perfectly reasonable
Step-by-step, there it is
You canít get any easier
Unless youíre dreaming

Words keep failing me now
When I try to tell you why
When I try to let you in
Words keep failing me now
So Iíll sit here in silence
Until it makes sense to me again

If I could quantify
If I could put it in terms
Of black or white
If it could be measured
It would be clear as clear
Perfectly transparent
And you would see the truth of it
With your own eyes

But words are failing me now
When I try to tell you how
When I try to let you in
Words are failing me now
So Iíll sit here with this empty book
Until I find the words again

Let me start over
On second thought, maybe not
I donít know if I can do
Any better at all
Itís only language
These are just words, representations
Of the way we feel
Theyíre just not quite enough

These words are failing me now
When I try to tell you all
When I try to bare my soul
Words keep failing me now
So Iíll just ask you to hold me
Until you feel my thoughts again

Miss You

Something out on the horizon
Feels like anger in the wind
Icy blast comes up the road
Shocks the deepest part of my soul
And it gets me right where I live
Scares me more than a little bit
I know what these things can leave behind
Memories of deep cold pass through my mind

When it rains it pours, and then the cold wind blows
Thereís a storm passiní through tonight
I really miss you

Something stirs in my emotions
Brittle and fragile far as I can see
Waning moon hides behind the clouds
Somehow your name slips from me aloud
And I close my eyes and wait
Silence unbroken by even a heart beat
Wind hurls music against my doo
Darkness swallows the fire glow

Eerie quiet, deadly cold
Wicked wind, tired soul
Nothing left here for me to hold
Hurry home, honey

Conspicuously Happy

© GD Paul 2007, Ivanhoe Road Music (ASCAP)

Sheís gotta be up to something
Sheís not sayiní much
Sheís got a Mona Lisa smile
Sheís suddenly got the magic touch
She is visibly excited
About something wild and new
Thereís no holding back or hiding
Sheís falliní, falliní for you
Sheís conspicuously happy
Thatís not like the girl we know
Sheís flyiní higher everyday
Thereís no telliní how high sheís gonna go
Thereís a spring in her step
Thereís a swagger to her hips
I heard her singing love songs
I think weíre seeing the iceberg tip
Sheís artfully disheveled
Sheís casually cool
Sheís a sudden fashionista
Sheís weariní it all for you
Sheís deliriously anxious
Sheís dangerously alive
Sheís pure anticipation
Sheís a hot and hungry whirlwind of desire
And all the world seems so bright
Everythingís renewed
Sheís glowing like a Christmas tree
Sheís even happy when she misses you

While I Wait For You

© GD Paul 2007, Ivanhoe Road Music (ASCAP)
Got your message, caused quite a stir
Just one simple line, not even a signature
Youríre one smooth devil, thatís for sure
Thatís why Iíll wait for you
I put on my red dress, and put on those shoes
That I never wear unless itís something to do with you
And I try to stay calm, composed and cool
While I wait for you
Iím five-by-five, dressed to the nines
Waiting at sixes and sevens
One red rose, and a cryptic note
That says ďBe ready at elevenĒ
Oh, Iím ready baby, ready for you
In any way you can count, or even a few
You didnít expect or maybe you knew
That Iíd be waiting for you
I buff my nails, fuss with my hair
Change my clothes three times before I settle on what to wear
And I try to do something besides just stare
At the clock and wait for you
You know how to keep a girl on her toes
You know how to wind me up tight and reel me in close
With a smile and a nod and a single red rose
Iím gonna wait for you
Donít keep me waiting one minute more
Donít make my heart ache for the sound of you knockiní at my door
Come on and remind me what Iím waiting for
Iím gonna wait for you

Weathering the Storm

© GD Paul 2007, Ivanhoe Road Music (ASCAP)
Storm brewing, dangerous skies
Wall cloud coming, green as your eyes
Run with me baby, leave it behind
Let me keep you safe, let me hold you tight
Lightning flash, thunder roll
We tumble down as rain starts to fall
Weíre in a tangle, all lines between us blur
The storm breaks open the outside world
Slowly, surely
Slow we are weathering the storm
We donít wait, thereís no time to lose
Clouds burst like I open to you
I want to rage over you like the wild hungry wind
I want to slake my thirst with your salty skin
I want to draw you in, I want to feel you move
I want to forget but for the feel of you
I want to fall deep, I want to climb slow
I want to taste fear, I want to reach your soul
Slowly, surely
Slow we are weathering the storm
Storm passes, dangerís gone
Weíre quietly spent but the thunder rolls on
We hopelessly entwined, bonded and fused
Like fire from heaven forged me into you
Like the hottest sun, like the coolest rain
Like the deepest well, like a runaway train
Like the hand of the Gods, shifting form
Blessed by fire we weathered the storm
Slowly, surely
Slow, we are weathering the storm

Come Cross the Water

© GD Paul 1999, Ivanhoe Road Music (ASCAP)

I walked out to the waterís edge at twilight
To try to ease my longing for you
But the waves brought to mind the curls in your hair
And the wind brought to mind your leaving
Come cross the water, love, and be with me
Forget our quarrel, forget our parting
I need to feel your skin beneath my hands
Come cross the water, love, to me
How can I go on?
Youíre in my blood and bones, I know you like a song
All that I can do is try to make it through this night
And hope the morning turns my darkness into light
I stoked the fire high at nightfall
To try to ward the chill of winterís coming
But the flames brought to mind nights in your arms
And the memory sent the chill straight through me
At midnight a light snow began to fall
Rainbow crystal swirl against the window
And a memory of a snowflake lighting soft on your mouth
And the kiss that lit the fire
Everywhere I look I see you gone
All the elements conspire to remind me of you
I hurt so bad I canít cry
But Iíd forget it all if I could just hear you say yes
As daylight broke across my weary eyes
I thought I saw a ship come sailing
The sun always did remind me of you
Come cross the water, love, to me

A Little Love Song

© GD Paul 2007, Ivanhoe Road Music (ASCAP)
A little more focus, a little less wine
I donít need a drink to take me out of my mind
All I need is a little time
Sweet darliní alone with you
Itís never easy, this path we tread
We try to use a little caution as we tumble into bed
We both know thereís nothing more to be said
Sweet darliní itís me and you
Suddenly Iím falliní down
My heart is beating so strange
Suddenly Iím calliní out
Calliní out your name
Blow out the candles, turn out the lights
We donít need anything but our hearts tonight
You lose yourself and Iíll use mine
Sweet darliní deep in you
Forget about the traffic, forget about the rain
Forget tomorrow is another day
Come over here and forget your pain
Sweet darliní while Iím with you
Suddenly Iím overcome
The tears are pouring like wine
Suddenly we will be one
Itís only a matter of time

The Music Under My Feet

© GD Paul 2007, Ivanhoe Road Music (ASCAP)
Caught in a haze of long summer days
But now the nights are longer still
And the world seems to fall like a stone through it all
And the old ones wake and come over the hill
And the music under my feet brings me home
And the music under my feet brings me home
I once had a lover, fair and wild
And his eyes shone like diamonds in the night
And his heart beat a rhythm, ancient and strong
And he gave me this gift of the songs that Iíve sung
The wheel keeps turning, life goes on
And the days and the nights pass like frames in a film
But when night creeps in and starshine gleams
The songs bubble up from the sacred spring


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