The Next Hill

All songs GD Paul 1999 except:

The Next Hill GD Paul and Curtis Paul 1998
Think Of Me GD Paul and Curtis Paul 1998
Gotta Get Back GD Paul and Curtis Paul 1998
Nana's Cookies GD Paul and Curtis Paul 1998
Note to guitarists: the tunings indicated do not reflect that the guitar was
tuned 1/2 step low for the entire recording.

To Get Your Attention
Think Of Me
Driving Straight Into The Sun
More Than That
This Is You and Me
The Next Hill
He Says
When BeJae Sings The Blues
Letha's Song
Gotta Get Back
Nana's Cookies

Notes and Lyrics

To Get Your Attention


I don't know what I was expecting
Surely this is not what I asked for
Expectations can be so painful when you're wrong
And disappointment is a hard teacher

Sometimes love has to shake you up
Sometimes it almost has to break your heart
To Get Your Attention

Laying aside all my judgements
Opening my heart to the essence within
I found a love far greater
Than my wildest expectations

Then I turn it all around
Take a look inside my heart
Start bracing for the fall
And find myself soaring

Strangeness is not so far from wonder
Resistance then turns to devotion
Gifts of the heart can be so risky to give
Thank you for trusting me with your passion

Think Of Me


I thought things would be different this time
Thought I was more than just a way for you to pass some time
We connected in a spiritual way
Guess it felt to good for you to want to stay

You fought hard to keep me under your spell
Pulling me close just to push me away from yourself
Such a foolish thing to do
I can still trust but I don't trust you

I'm tired of learning rules to games I don't want to play
If love is not what you're looking for you better look the other way
If you're scared to trust you'll never get what you need
But when you think you're ready to love someone
Think Of Me

I don't want this kind of love anymore
So I'm turning you away from my door
I'd rather spend my life on my own
Than to be with somebody and feel like I'm alone

Now before I meet somebody else
Gonna make some rules that suit myself
Number one it that it's got to be real
That somebody better be feeling what I feel

Now I've finally realized what it's gonna take
I gotta stop waiting around for somebody to treat me a certain way
The change ain't gonna come from nobody else
I gotta start having more respect for myself
And take the responsibility to make things the way I want them to be

Driving Straight Into The Sun


I'm driving home again
And the sun is hanging low in the western sky
And I am alone again
Still got a long drive
How did this happen
Was I so dazzled that I couldn't even see the signs
Oh, nothing looks familiar at all
When the shadow is larger than life

And I feel like I've been driving too long
Too far from home, can't remember where I've gone
Loving you is like
Driving Straight Into The Sun

Don't get me lost
When it comes to you I have a little trouble telling left from right
And I am no more blinded by the sun
Than I am by desire
'Cause you're just too beautiful
And what I need most now is a little shade
Some time away from all this light
An oasis from your blaze

Now my eyes start to burn and water
From the glare and the strain
Or maybe it's the sight of my own hands on the wheel

And you don't know what you do to me
And I'm a fool for trying to catch heaven's eye
And I know I'll never find my way to your heart
No matter how far I drive

More Than That


This Is You and Me


Here we are, alone at last
Ain't nobody here but the two of us
I'll light some candles, you open a bottle of wine
It's about time
I can see in your eyes how you feel
I'm so glad to know that it isn't just me feelin' this way
And I wouldn't trade this feeling
For another lifetime

This Is You and Me when we touch
This is You and Me, yeah
This Is You and Me when we touch
This Is You and Me

I've wanted to hold you for I don't know how long
Something all this time has kept this feeling so strong
And I don't want to wait another minute more
Ah, to be in your arms
This isn't something we can take lightly
This isn't something that we can say just happened one night
Oh, no, this is real, we gotta know that from the start
It's a matter of the heart now

Deep connections are rare these days
Something of a miracle for sure
It's so easy just to trust you more than even myself
Want to make you part of me body and soul
Want to take you to that place
Deep inside my life that waits

And when we wake up warm from sleep
We will know that it wasn't just a dream
And I know my life will never be the same

The Next Hill


Driving home one night through a frozen land
My sense of direction is long gone
And I'm glad you're driving, baby
I just hope you know where we're going, yeah
Away from the city the night's so clear
Sure is pretty way out here
And there's nothing as far as I can see ahead
Ain't nothin' in the rear-view mirror

And the road rolls on in front of me
So solid under the wheels
And I wonder if there's anything
Out beyond The Next Hill

Are you sure we should have turned here, this don't seem right
I can't find this road on the map to save my life
And it's black as the ace of spades and cold as the grave
Out here tonight
Keep your eyes on the road, you're crossin' the line
I don't know if you're just tired or if you're drivin' blind
You just want to keep drivin' until we
Find some kind of a sign

Star light, star bright
First star I see tonight
Wish I may, lord, wish I might
Have this wish I wish tonight
Oh, I wish I was home again

Pull over, get out it's my turn to drive
I'm tired of waiting for you to make up your mind
And I think I know where we are now
Don't worry honey, gonna get you home alive, yeah

He Says


He Says that he loves them, loves the way they grow
In the rain and the sunshine, in the warm moist soil
Oh, He Says that he loves them, loves the way they smell
In the middle of the night, alone in the moonlight
He Says that he loves them, he loves to feel the seed
Running through his fingers like silken beads
Oh and He Says that he loves them with all his heart and soul
With the love of a father for his children

Friend of mine how does your garden grow
With pretty maids standing all along the fence row
You sheltered them through drought and flood and wind and rain
You never deserved to feel this pain

He Says that he loves her, he loves the way she feels
Running through his fingers in fresh plowed fields
Oh, He Says that he loves her and the nourishment that she
Offers of herself to him so easily

One morning they came and they took him away
With a gun to his head and his hands in chains
Oh they said that they thought he was spending too much time
All alone in the moonlight, and in the rain and the sunshine



Melt the heart, take the mind
Resistance is fleeting
Pure instinct takes over
But the focus is unyielding
It comes from love, from imagination
From someplace inside that won't be silent
It's about Innocence, passion and will

It's pure power, it's surrender
It's a science, it's a mystery
It's barely a breath, it's a whisper and yet
It's as real as you and me
It's the tension of the opposite
It's the powerful pull of the poles
It's about Innocence, passion and will

Stepping out of the shadows, riding the risks out to the end
Slipping into a moment and then slipping out again
Flesh on steel, flesh on bronze, sounds for a moment and then it's gone
It's a part of life, part of fate
And sometimes you have to take a leap of faith

Let it be, don't force it
All secrets will be revealed
Let the magic unfold itself
And it's power will leave you reeling
With a sense of wonder and reverence
A respect for the strange and divine
And your Innocence, passion and will

Rest in silence when it's over
Enjoy the well deserved reward
It's a teacher, it's a lover
It's the calling of the heart
It comes from love, from imagination
And it will never be the same again
It's about Innocence, passion and will

When BeJae Sings The Blues


There's something innocent about her
And yet...something wild
Something strong, something...yeah
Something about her makes me want to
Get in my car and drive on through the Iowa night
'Cause When BeJae Sings The Blues
My restless heart starts beating faster

And when restlessness feels like an old wound
And my heart is filled with longing
Something in her voice makes me warm
Makes me remember things I shouldn't have forgotten
And gives me the strength to hope again
To give in to the joy again
'Cause When BeJae Sings The Blues
My restless heart starts beating faster

Tell me a story, won't you play me a song
Just one more for the road
Sing about rollin' hills and fields and
Unbroken highway
Take me with you where you go

And when the gig is done and the gear is down
And my heart is light with laughter
Drink some coffee, talk awhile
Jump in the car and do it all over
Be careful down that road my friend
And be safe until we meet again
'Cause when BeJae Sings The Blues
My restless heart starts beating faster

Letha's Song


The other day I followed a woman
Walkin' down the street 'bout half a mile
Just because she wore your jacket
And she had your style
I knew it wasn't possible
That you were long gone, gone out of this world
But still my heart broke
When I looked in her eyes

Now it's all right
Hush now, don't you cry
It's all right
Carry on now with your life
It's all right
Hush now, don't you cry
It's all right...

We woke up one morning and you were gone
You didn't even say good-bye, didn't even wake up
You just closed your eyes and drifted off on your own
I need to believe things are better for you
Where you are now, gone, out of this world
Away from the madness that hunted you
And hurt you for so long

Time to time you float through my mind
Like the rustle of leaves, leaving behind
Questions about the meaning of
The threads of our lives
But you will always live on
In the music you loved, in the music we shared
In the memories of us left behind
And in your children's eyes

Gotta Get Back


For some time I've felt us drift
Not for lack of love
Pressures pulling in so many directions
That we never have time for us

We Gotta Get Back to the heart and soul
Of this love
We Gotta Get Back to where it's just you and me
We Gotta Get Back to the bare bones
Of this love
Where nothing can come between

Complication strikes again
Straight into the heart
How many times has this life left us crying
It drives a wedge that tears us apart

After all that we've been through
And every place we've been
All of the things that we've been to each other
Will be the things that make us strong again

Nana's Cookies


Nana's got some cookies, sure do taste fine
Nana's got some cookies, lord, taste sweeter than wine
Nana's deep dark chocolate, lord, gonna blow your mind

Nana's got some cookies drive a strong man to his knees
Nana's got some cookies gonna fulfill all your deepest needs
Everybody talkin' about it, that Nana really knows how to please

People come from miles around, people wanna know
What is it about those cookies that gives those boys a glow
Oh, people wanna know
for one of Nana's Cookies you'd walk a hundred miles through the snow

Nana's pretty secretive about her special recipe
She'll never give it away, no, no, but she gave it to me
I'm heatin' up my oven for you honey
Gonna cook you up a real feast

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