Sven Trowe's
Medium Format 3D Viewer 6x7cm

Lens specifications:
I use 2 Zeiss special wide achromats with a focal length of 100mm. Max diameter is 42.5mm. With Zeiss T* coating. Magnification is 3x. You can see the whole 6x7cm picture. The lenses are large enough diameter that eyeglass wearers can see the full field without vignetting. A 3D dream.

Focus adjustment:

Interocular adjustment:
No, fixed 65mm

Type of illumination:
One light box for every picture. Daylight 5600K, 12V

Wood for the viewer body, metal for the lens mounts.

Formats supported:
For king size slides 6x7cm, or panorama, 31x69mm, 24x69mm.
You can use Wess or GePe 8.5x8.5cm mounts.

Description of viewer:
Modified Wheatstone design. Large transparencies require mirrors at 45 degrees.

Are these viewers for sale?:
Yes, 480.- USD

Availability of plans:
I built a medium format 6x7cm camera, too Plans located at:

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