Kevin P. Dockery's
Medium Format 3D Viewer

Lens specifications:
ca 75 mm fl, 40 mm diameter, achromatic doublet

Focus adjustment:
Yes, by adjusting the height of the stage

Interocular adjustment:

Type of illumination:
Lightbox (Kalt SLP-100, 5000 K fluorescent bulb)

Wood, glue, thin flat black paper, and a commercial light box.

Formats supported:
Both slides and prints may be viewed, although the viewer is optimized for slides. All formats are supported, including Rocky Mountain and King Inn. By using mats, twin 35 mm (see picture) or Realist slides, etc., may be viewed.

Description of viewer:
The design of this viewer is based on the table top viewers commonly used with 3D books; however, this one has been optimized for slides. The lens assembly is made of maple and held together with carpenter's glue. The lens holes were made with a drill equipped with a circle cutter, and the nose slot was cut with a jigsaw. The inner surfaces of the lens assembly are covered with black paper. The lens assembly rests on a base containing a small lightbox. The base is made of mahogany, and oak molding was used for the outside frame. The stage for the slides was also prepared from a frame of oak molding and rests on the light box. If desired, the focus may be adjusted by changing the height of the stage.

Are these viewers for sale?:

Availability of plans:
No plans available

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